Frequently Asked Questions

Phoenix Bachelor Party provides both Bikini Bartenders and mixologists for your party. Bikini Bartenders will pour your party crew beer and wine and two mix pours, such as rum and coke, and vodka cranberry.

Our mixologists can make more complicated drinks. Please let us know if you need a Bikini Bartender or a mixologist.

Aside from Christmas bachelor parties in Phoenix, you can book Sexy Santa Bartenders for work holiday parties and guys' night outs.

We can offer both Super Bowl Bikini Bartenders and mixologists. The Bikini Bartenders can serve your party crew's beer, wine, and two mix pours, such as vodka cranberry and rum coke. Our mixologists can create craft cocktails like Martinis, Painkillers, or Old Fashions.

Please let us know if you need a mixologist for your Super Bowl bachelor party.

Of course. We offer Bikini Bartenders for bachelor pool parties in Phoenix.

You can only book our Bikini Bartenders in Phoenix for bachelor parties. We specialize in bachelor parties and guys' night outs.

You can book our Golf Caddy Girls for any golf trip in Phoenix, even if it is not a bachelor party golf getaway.

Please call the golf course in Phoenix to make sure they allow extra riders.

We can accommodate last-minute Sexy Santa Bartenders bookings in Phoenix. However, the earlier you book, the more Sexy Santa Bartender options you will have.

Phoenix Bachelor Party specializes in bachelor party packages and guys' night outs. You can only book Pool Party Girls for a bachelor party in Phoenix.

You can cancel your Bikini Bartender booking, but your deposit will not be refunded. You can choose to move the deposit to a different party date.

Yes, you can cancel your Golf Caddy Girls booking by contacting us. However, your deposit will not be refunded.

When you book Pool Party Girls with us, you will receive a portfolio with available girls to choose from. We will send you the Pool Party Girls you select for your bachelor party in Phoenix.

You will receive a portfolio of Sexy Santa Bartenders from which you can choose the ones you want for your bachelor party.

You will receive a portfolio of the available Golf Caddy Girls from which you can select the ones you want to book for your bachelor golf trip in Phoenix. We'll send you the Caddy Girls you choose.

Yes. Please prepare your bachelor party guests to tip Poker Dealers. They work off tips.

Yes. When you book our candy eye girls for the Super Bowl - bikini bartenders, pool party girls, caddy girls, or female poker dealers - we require a 50% deposit. The rest of the money goes to the girls you book - please pay them in cash when they arrive at the party.

Yes. You must pay 50% of the price to reserve the Golf Caddy Girls. Then, the rest of the money will go in cash to the Caddy Girls upon arrival.

The Sexy Santa Bartenders you book will come to your private residence, Airbnb, or bachelor party vacation rental. Sexy Santa will come to you this holiday season.

Yes. You provide the bar, and our Sexy Santa Bartender will pour you Christmas cocktails.

Yes. The Bikini Bartenders you book will come to your bachelor party vacation rental, Airbnb, or private residence.

The female Poker Dealers you book for your bachelor party will come to your party location - Airbnb, vacation rental, or private residence.

Yes, we can accommodate last-minute bookings of Bikini Bartenders. However, please note that you will have limited choices of Bikini Bartenders because they get booked up fast.

The Super Bowl weekend is super busy. It's best to book your candy eye girls as soon as possible to ensure you find available bartenders, golf caddy girls, pool girls, or poker dealers. You will also have more options when you choose the girls.

When you book your Super Bowl talent, we'll take a 50% deposit. You can pay the rest in cash to the girls you booked when they get to your party.

It's best if you reserve your bachelor party Poker Dealers as soon as possible. Female Poker Dealers get booked up fast in Phoenix.

Booking one Bikini Bartender will be enough for every 15 bachelor party guests.

It's best if you book one Poker Dealer for every 10 bachelor party guests.

We recommend you book one Golf Caddy Girl per 4 bachelor party guests. So you will need 3 Golf Caddy Girls for a bachelor party crew of 12 people.

We recommend booking 2-3 Pool Party Girls per 15 bachelor party guests to keep them entertained.

It's best to book 2-3 Pool Party Girls for every 15 bachelor party guests for Super Bowl Sunday. This way, you ensure enough eye-candy entertainment and fun pool games for everyone.

We recommend you book 2 Sexy Santa Female Bartenders for your Christmas bachelor party in Phoenix, especially if you have over 12 guests.

The Golf Caddy Girls are booked for the day. The tipping sum is around $100-$200.

Pool Party Girls are excellent eye candy for making your bachelor party PG fun. It is the perfect bachelor party service in Phoenix when the guys say "No" to strippers.

Phoenix is a gorgeous city that offers good weather all year round and is an excellent bachelor party destination for those who love outdoor adventures. Phoenix has world-class resorts and golf courses and has a rich nightlife with top clubs, dance halls, and discos.

There will be no room for boredom in your bachelor party itinerary in Phoenix.

Yes, please do. Bikini Bartenders work off tips.

Please tip the Pool Party Girls you book for the bachelor party in Phoenix. They work off tips.

Phoenix and Scottsdale have some of the best golf courses for a bachelor party golf trip. When booking Golf Caddy Girls, there are only a few golf courses that allow extra riders. Check out We-Ko-Pa Golf Club, Cave Creek Golf Course, and Whirlwind Golf Club at Wild Horse Pass. These courses are professional and fun.

It is Super Bowl weekend. Bachelor party groups usually book Bikini Bartenders and Pool Party Girls back at their vacation rental on the Saturday before the game. Then, for the Super Bowl Sunday, they hit up some sports bars to watch the game. It's totally fun for the Super Bowl in Phoenix.

Phoenix is a top destination for golf enthusiasts with nearly 200 golf courses; thus, many bachelor party groups don't miss the chance to enjoy this outdoor activity. Men usually hire local golf caddie girls to make the bachelor golf experience more exciting.

Since Phoenix has all-year-round sunny weather, pool parties tend to be popular activities for bachelor parties, along with the well-known Waste Management Phoenix Open event, which attracts lots of bachelor party groups each year.

Our female Poker Dealers will host your games of Texas Holdem for your Super Bowl bachelor party in Phoenix.

The 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale is known to be the biggest party in golf. That scene reached a new level when Sam Ryder made an ace in Saturday's third round. There's no bigger party in golf than the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale during the WM Phoenix Open. And there's no bigger party day than Saturday.

Any day is the best day for a party. Of course, when we are talking about a party or a bash, you want to make sure that all your friends are available, so the weekend would be the best fit for everybody.

No matter your choice, we are always prepared to offer you everything for a mind-blowing party:

  • Sexy golf caddies to accompany your group for all 18 holes, drive the golf carts around, and make sure your day runs smoothly – from $375 per caddy
  • Pool party girls in tight bikinis, always ready to have fun and heat things up - $245/hour
  • Sexy Bartenders start at $255/hour


The best time to enjoy your bachelor party in Phoenix, Arizona, is April to September for relaxing pool parties, December to March for golf enthusiasts, and late Fall and Spring in general for enjoying bachelor party activities, as the summer months might be unbearably hot for people coming from other cities.

January is a great time of year for all the snowbirds to come down to the warm desert. Early February is the kickoff to the Waste Management Phoenix Open, which traditionally ends on Super Bowl Sunday and is a huge party all week long. March is the beginning of Spring Training for baseball. Then it is beautiful in Phoenix until early July.

Summertime can be triple-digit weather. You can expect 110-120 degree heat during the day and 90 degrees at night. The good news is it will be more affordable to visit Phoenix and Scottsdale, but expect it to be hot all day long. Bachelor Party Golf Groups tend to do 1/2 days on the course. During the Fall, it starts to cool down again, and many bachelor party groups come down to get some fresh sunshine before the winter holidays.

If you need to cancel your Pool Party Girls booking, you will not receive a refund for the deposit. However, we can move this bachelor party service to a different date.

Plans change, and we understand that. You can give us a call to cancel your Super Bowl talent booking. However, the deposit will not be refunded. We can move the deposit to a different party date or bachelor party event in Phoenix.

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is the perfect time for a bachelor party. Lots of golf, excellent brews, beautiful ladies, and fantastic weather. It's the perfect recipe for an epic bash party.

We can help you have an amazing bachelor party at Phoenix Open, no matter your budget.

But, to help you get an idea of the overall costs, here is a list of the services we offer that will make your bash party unforgettable.

  • Sexy golf caddies to accompany your group for all 18 holes, drive the golf carts around, and make sure your day runs smoothly – from $450 per caddy
  • A poker game night. Our hot dealers will set the mood and make for a memorable night - $225/hour
  • Pool party girls in tight bikinis, always ready to have fun and heat things up - $225/hour
  • Sexy Bartenders start at $225/hour

The general admission is free Monday and Tuesday, $50 On Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday, and $75 on Friday and Saturday. You can purchase them on the event’s website.

What we can help you with are services that will make your Waste Management Phoenix Open an unforgettable one. No matter if it’s sexy golf caddiesparty buses, private limos, bartenders, or pool party girls, we got you covered.


Call us if you wish to cancel your Poker Dealer booking for the bachelor party. We understand if your plans have changed. However, there is no refund on the deposit made for the Poker Dealers, but we can move it to a different date.

First of all, you should bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat and light, comfy clothes. You are going to spend a lot of time under the sun, so make sure you do not get sunstroke.

Secondly, you are going to attend or why not throw a party yourself. For that, you need your best friends with you and a good mood.

For the rest…let us take care of it. We can bring the pool girls and golf caddy girls, the sexy bartenders, and party buses.

When you are planning a bachelor celebration in Scottsdale and want to avoid the busy season with more expensive accommodations and activities, the best time of the year to party is in the spring to early summer.

However, if your bachelor party budget allows you, you can organize your bachelor party from late September through November, when the weather is perfect for pool parties and fun outdoor activities.

To reserve the Pool Party Girls for your bachelor party, you must pay 50% of the price as a deposit now. The rest 50% you must pay in cash to the Pool Party Girls upon arrival.

Pool Party Girls in Phoenix is a popular bachelor party service. It's best to book as soon as possible to secure the Pool Party Girls you want and have more available options.

If you book Pool Party Girls at the last minute, you will get a portfolio with fewer local girls available.

Phoenix offers vibrant nightclubs for bachelor party groups eager to have a better experience than in Vegas while spending less money.

With fine drinks and amazing entertainment, some of the hottest Phoenix clubs are Bitter & Twisted, The Churchill, Bar Smith, Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge, The Duce, and Copper Blues. Reserve our clubbing bottle service to have a VIP nightlife experience in Phoenix for your bachelor celebration.

Arizona's number one bachelor party destination is Phoenix. Here you can enjoy splendid panoramic views by hiking Camelback Mountain and the beauty of the rugged landscape of the Sonoran Desert by riding ATVs.

You'll also find renowned craft beers, live music and dancing, and outdoor activities such as golf and poolside fun with gorgeous local pool party girls.

Other lively destinations in Arizona that will meet your bachelor party expectations are Scottsdale and Tempe, with vibrant nightlife, cool sports bars, great artists and culture, craft breweries, and dance clubs.

As the name suggests, all our female bartenders will wear bikinis. Your bachelor party will have both good drinks and eye candy service.

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