Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Each party bus holds its own Transportation Charter Permit (TCP) license. In order to have an up-to-date TCP license and be able to operate, the party buses must pass inspection and be maintained.

No, please refrain from smoking onboard a party bus or limousine. Smoking is only allowed on designated 420 party buses.

Yes, the driver can make unplanned stops if it is in our service area.

Yes, of course. Drinking on the party bus is allowed and you don’t have to worry about driving. We’ll get the ice and cups and you can bring the drinks you and your party group prefer.

Most of the party buses are not equipped with a restroom onboard. But that shouldn’t be a problem for your party crew. When you rent a party bus for a bachelor or bachelorette party, you will be able to use the restroom at a place such as a bar or a brewery.

Restrooms onboard party buses are great for long-haul travel such as going from Phoenix to Los Angeles or Phoenix to Vegas. If you need a party bus equipped with a restroom, please let your booking agent know.

Arizona has more than 120 wineries and tasting rooms and a dozen vineyards you can tour with your bachelorette party group.

Bringing food onboard a moving party bus could easily turn into a messy experience. So keep full meals and food platters to be eaten off the bus.

The party bus chauffeur can make a nice stop at a park and let your party crew enjoy a picnic. The party bus trip can still be fun without eating onboard.

Phoenix is a gorgeous city that offers good weather all year round and is an excellent bachelor party destination for those who love outdoor adventures. Phoenix has world-class resorts and golf courses and has a rich nightlife with top clubs, dance halls, and discos.

There will be no room for boredom in your bachelor party itinerary in Phoenix.

Phoenix is a great bachelorette party destination for those who love a laid-back vibe and lots of outdoor adventures. The weather is sunny all year round, which makes the city great for fun poolside activities and refreshing cocktails. Nightlife is also vibrant and offers many choices for those who want to go clubbing or find nice venues for drinking with the girls.

Scottsdale has become a popular bachelorette party destination, with a vibrant food scene and nightlife, many outdoor activities to choose from, and great entertainment. There is also the aesthetic desert backdrop, perfect for a themed bachelorette party.

Yes, the pricing for renting a party bus is higher for holidays and weekends hours. As well, the month of May is significantly higher due to all the graduations.

So make sure you book your party bus early.

You might want to check out Talking Stick Resort, just a quick skip away from the Phoenix airport. It has two courses that will test your shot-making. Talking Stick also comes with casinos and pool parties, so don't forget to book some pool party girls.

Other great courses are the Cholla course, a desert-style golf course, and the Saguaro course, with a traditional style, ideal for walking and for enjoying the company of beautiful caddie girls.

You can opt for some fun Bach party themes for your party bus to make the experience memorable. Party bus themes such as a Disco Theme, Boho-chic Winery Tour, Bros’ Brewery Tour, Groovy Bar Hops, or going to the Horse Races are sure to make your Bach exhilarating.

Most girls who plan their bachelorette party in Phoenix enjoy a private pool party with some handsome cabana boys. They tour elegant wineries in a bachelorette party bus, dance the night away with VIP club bottle service, or enjoy a spa day for a more relaxed and stress-relieving celebration.

There are many fun bachelorette party activities you can add to your itinerary in Phoenix, and planning can be easier when a local party planner helps you choose all the great places and services for your party.

Phoenix is a top destination for golf enthusiasts with nearly 200 golf courses; thus, many bachelor party groups don't miss the chance to enjoy this outdoor activity. Men usually hire local golf caddie girls to make the bachelor golf experience more exciting.

Since Phoenix has all-year-round sunny weather, pool parties tend to be popular activities for bachelor parties, along with the well-known Waste Management Phoenix Open event, which attracts lots of bachelor party groups each year.

The 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale is known to be the biggest party in golf. That scene reached a new level when Sam Ryder made an ace in Saturday's third round. There's no bigger party in golf than the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale during the WM Phoenix Open. And there's no bigger party day than Saturday.

Any day is the best day for a party. Of course, when we are talking about a party or a bash, you want to make sure that all your friends are available, so the weekend would be the best fit for everybody.

No matter your choice we are always prepared to offer you everything for a mind-blowing party:

  • Sexy golf caddies to accompany your group for all 18 holes, drive the golf carts around, and make sure your day runs smoothly – from $275 per caddy
  • A party bus just for your crew, fully equipped with laser light show, fiber optic lighting, wide-screen TVs with streaming-player inputs, DVD players, Wifi, and a professional sound system – starting at $980
  • Pool party girls in tight bikinis, always ready to have fun and heat things up - $185/Hour Per Girl


The best time to enjoy your bachelor party in Phoenix, Arizona, is April to September for relaxing pool parties, December to March for golf enthusiasts, and late Fall and Spring in general for enjoying bachelor party activities, as the summer months might be unbearably hot for people coming from other cities.

Scottsdale is an excellent golf destination for bachelor parties, but the best time to visit depends on what you are looking for.

From June to August, you'll have lower rates but higher temperatures. If you are not used to the unbearable summer temperatures of Scottsdale, you might want to book your bachelor golf trip in the December-March months when the weather and course conditions are optimal.

Make sure to book your trip early for the peak golf season in Scottsdale.

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is the perfect time for a bachelor party. Lots of golf, cool brews, beautiful ladies, and amazing weather. The perfect recipe for an epic bash party.

We can help you have an amazing bachelor party at Phoenix Open, no matter what your budget might be.

But, to help you get an idea of the overall costs, here is a list of the services we offer that will make your bash party an unforgettable one.

  • Sexy golf caddies to accompany your group for all 18 holes, drive the golf carts around, and make sure your day runs smoothly – from $275 per caddy
  • A party bus just for your crew, fully equipped with laser light show, fiber optic lighting, wide-screen TVs with streaming-player inputs, DVD players, Wifi, and a professional sound system – starting at $980
  • A poker game night. Our hot dealers will set the mood and make for a memorable night - $145-$175/Hr Per Dealer
  • Pool party girls in tight bikinis, always ready to have fun and heat things up - $185/Hour Per Girl

The general admission is free Monday and Tuesday, $50 On Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday, and $75 on Friday and Saturday. You can purchase them on the event’s website.

What we can help you with are services that will make your Waste Management Phoenix Open an unforgettable one. No matter if it’s sexy golf caddiesparty buses, private limos, bartenders, or pool party girls, we got you covered.


Get ready for a bachelorette girls' night out in Phoenix in some of the best nightclubs. You get the guests, and we get the VIP bottle service for you to enjoy in Bar Smith, Lucky Strike Lanes, Valley Bar, Bitter & Twisted, or bars such as Copper Blues and Hanny's.

First of all, you should bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat and light, comfy clothes. You are going to spend a lot of time under the sun, so make sure you do not get sunstroke.

Secondly, you are going to attend or why not throw a party yourself. For that, you need your best friends with you and a good mood.

For the rest…let us take care of it. We can bring the pool girls and golf caddy girls, the sexy bartenders, and party buses.

And, if the next day you feel the hangover has got you, our IV hydration therapy will put you back on your feet in a second, ready to keep the party going. 

When you are planning a bachelor celebration in Scottsdale and want to avoid the busy season with more expensive accommodations and activities, the best time of the year to party is in the spring to early summer.

However, if your bachelor party budget allows you, you can organize your bachelor party from late September through November, when the weather is perfect for pool parties and fun outdoor activities.

Winter, fall, and spring seasons, when the weather is most temperate, are great times of the year to enjoy a bachelorette party in Phoenix. You get sunny days for poolside and outdoor activities, rich cultural life, and vibrant nightlife to enjoy with the bachelorette party group.

You might enjoy a bachelorette wine tour in Phoenix during spring and fall when the temperatures are mild yet enjoyable.

However, Phoenix has over 120 licensed wineries, which makes it the best destination for discovering new wineries to tour, no matter during what season you plan your party.

Phoenix offers vibrant nightclubs for bachelor party groups eager to have a better experience than in Vegas while spending less money.

With fine drinks and amazing entertainment, some of the hottest Phoenix clubs are Bitter & Twisted, The Churchill, Bar Smith, Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge, The Duce, and Copper Blues. Reserve our clubbing bottle service to have a VIP nightlife experience in Phoenix for your bachelor celebration.

There are many nightclubs and bars in Phoenix that will satisfy your bachelorette party guests and guest of honor. From Bitter &Twisted, with great handcrafted cocktails and live music, and Little Rituals, where you can also have delicious bar food, to Club Dwntwn, with three rooms playing three different music styles, and Bar Smith, with great views from the rooftop and VIP bottle service to skip the line at the bar, there is a plethora of great nightclubs and bars you can choose from.

Scottsdale and Phoenix are the best bachelorette party destinations in Arizona. There you can enjoy fantastic scenery, spa resorts, shopping and nightlife, and great weather for backyard or pool parties. You can also hop on a party bus to tour some fine wineries and breweries, such as Wren House Brewing, Salvatore Vineyards Tasting Room, and Superstition Meadery.

Arizona's number one bachelor party destination is Phoenix. Here you can enjoy splendid panoramic views by hiking Camelback Mountain and the beauty of the rugged landscape of the Sonoran Desert by riding ATVs.

You'll also find renowned craft beers, live music and dancing, and outdoor activities such as golf and poolside fun with gorgeous local pool party girls.

Other lively destinations in Arizona that will meet your bachelor party expectations are Scottsdale and Tempe, with vibrant nightlife, cool sports bars, great artists and culture, craft breweries, and dance clubs.

Hop on a luxury party bus and tour wineries such as Carlson Creek Winery, Alcantara Vineyards and Winery, Cove Mesa Vineyard, and Salvatore Vineyards. Enjoy a memorable wine-tasting experience with your besties at the finest locations in Scottsdale.

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