Phoenix Golf Caddy Girls

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Phoenix is home to some of the finest golf courses in Arizona. When your group comes out for a destination bachelor party or stag party, playing golf is an entertaining way to keep the party crew together and play in the sun.

By booking our fun and friendly Golf Caddy Girls you will:

  • Make your bachelor celebration one to remember
  • Enjoy great company and keep the guys entertained
  • Have eye candy girls help you with the game

Heightened Bach Experience with Golf Caddy Girls

Hiring private Golf Caddy Girls will make your day special and keep your party group entertained.

Heightened Bach Experience with Golf Caddy Girls

Our Phoenix Golf Caddy Girls' qualities:

  • Fun, local, and stunning Arizona girls
  • Love to hang out on the green with you
  • Enjoy driving the crew's golf cart
  • Tee the bachelors balls
  • Can wash your balls
  • Choose your iron
  • Are friendly and flirty
  • Make the bachelor party on the green more fun
  • Dress in golf course-appropriate attire
  • Great eye candy

When coming to Phoenix to play golf, book our Golf Caddy Girls to make the experience more memorable.

  • Rates start at $400 per Caddy Girl
  • Book your tee times after 9:45 AM
  • Book the Caddy Girls as extra riders with the golf course
  • Confirm with the golf course they permit extra riders
  • Always a choice of Caddy Girls
  • Caddy Girls work off tips and fun
  • Please feed and water your Caddy Girls to keep them happy

It's hot out on the green in Arizona. Booking Golf Caddy Girls will make you cool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scottsdale is an excellent golf destination for bachelor parties, but the best time to visit depends on what you are looking for.

From June to August, you'll have lower rates but higher temperatures. If you are not used to the unbearable summer temperatures of Scottsdale, you might want to book your bachelor golf trip in the December-March months when the weather and course conditions are optimal.

Make sure to book your trip early for the peak golf season in Scottsdale.

You might want to check out Talking Stick Resort, just a quick skip away from the Phoenix airport. It has two courses that will test your shot-making. Talking Stick also comes with casinos and pool parties, so don't forget to book some pool party girls.

Other great courses are the Cholla course, a desert-style golf course, and the Saguaro course, with a traditional style, ideal for walking and for enjoying the company of beautiful caddie girls.

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