Bachelor Party Ideas for Waste Management Phoenix Open

The most anticipated golf event of the year, the Waste Management Phoenix Open, is just around the corner, so it's time to start planning your WMPO bachelor party!

With the most fun golf party on green and the Super Bowl on the same week, there's no better time to celebrate your bro's last days as single.

So guys, kick into overdrive and send your bro to a happy married life with a bang!

Guys, we love everything golf, and we sure love to party, so here are some ideas to make your golf getaway even more memorable. Plan smart, call the #1 local party planner agency and enjoy the Ultimate Bachelor Party Experience in Phoenix!

Private Party + Bikini Bartenders

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So, you have a vacation rental with a big pool booked for your WMO weekend, you have the best golf party of the year right in the city; what else do you need to kick off the celebration?

Bikini bartenders! These gorgeous young girls will set up a bar and mix your cocktails. Why book bartenders from Phoenix Bachelor Party? Because we have the hottest bikini bartenders in the Valley!

When you book our bartender, you'll get:

  • a professional mixologist to mix signature cocktails
  • a gorgeous eye candy girl to keep the energy high

Private Pool Party + Pool Party Girls

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What better way to chill after a hot day on the green than in a pool filled with floaties and flirty pool party girls?

With thousands of golfers and partygoers in Phoenix, throwing a private pool party is better than going to the city's pool party spots. Lounge on floaties and enjoy poolside beer pong with only your bros and our pool party girls around.

We provide pool party expert bikini models who know how to maximize the fun at your party.

Guys, the sun is hot in the desert, so make sure to wear your Bachelor Party Crew custom hats.

Poker Night + Sexy Poker Dealers

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A private poker night after a long day out on the golf course will be an absolute riot. And it does not have to be all about the game; you can add a fun twist to the mix! Here are our tips for your private poker party:

  • Hire professional poker dealer girls to bring the casino vibe to your place
  • Load up on booze, and hire a bikini bartender to keep the drinks flowing

Our beautiful poker dealer girls are experts in Texas Hold 'em and they always have a few tricks up in their sleeves to keep the energy high at your party.

Golf Caddie Girls to Enhance Your Experience

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Besides watching the top golfers in action, golfing on championship courses, and enjoying top-notch facilities, there's one more ingredient to make your getaway super fun.

How to add more excitement to your bachelor party in Phoenix? The answer is simple: hire golf caddie girls for your golf getaway.

We provide savvy golf caddie girls to help you with:

  • keeping score
  • driving your cart
  • replacing divots
  • cleaning clubs & balls
  • tending flagsticks
  • offering yardage assistance

Enjoy the Game and Leave the Planning to a Pro

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Planning a golf getaway on the WMPO weekend - the most crowded time of the year in the Scottsdale & Phoenix area can be daunting. Don't let the stressful planning process ruin your golf getaway.

Also, keep in mind that you are not there just for your favorite game; you'll celebrate your bro's last days as single.

Check out our bachelor party packages and give us a call. Our local party planners will get you the best deals and tailor your 2024 WMPO bachelor party to your crew's preferences.

The WMPO is all about golf, friends, and loads of fun!

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