Phoenix March Madness Party

Prepare to plan your bachelor party or all-guys private party this year for March Madness, one of the most exciting sports events! Phoenix Bachelor Party offers party packages that will take your March Madness party to the next level! Book our most popular party packages in the Phoenix area: Bikini Bartenders & Pool Party Girls.

  • Our sexy Bikini Bartenders are gorgeous and friendly - they can pour and serve your drinks, play beer pong and entertain your party guests.
  • The Pool Party Girls you book with us are super fun - they will break the ice with pool party games, be eye candy for your guests, and ensure your March Madness party is a success.

Call to get our online portfolios of talent.

Book Your March Madness Party Packages

Sexy Bartenders

Starting at $225/hour

Bikini Bartenders

Pool Party Girls

Starting at $225/hour

Pool Party Girls

Frequently Asked Questions

Phoenix Bachelor Party provides both Bikini Bartenders and mixologists for your party. Bikini Bartenders will pour your party crew beer and wine and two mix pours, such as rum and coke, and vodka cranberry.

Our mixologists can make more complicated drinks. Please let us know if you need a Bikini Bartender or a mixologist.

As the name suggests, all our female bartenders will wear bikinis. Your bachelor party will have both good drinks and eye candy service.

Booking one Bikini Bartender will be enough for every 15 bachelor party guests.

Yes, please do. Bikini Bartenders work off tips.

When you book Pool Party Girls with us, you will receive a portfolio with available girls to choose from. We will send you the Pool Party Girls you select for your bachelor party in Phoenix.

We recommend booking 2-3 Pool Party Girls per 15 bachelor party guests to keep them entertained.

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