Tips for Planning the Perfect Bachelor Party

Tradition states that the best man has to throw the bachelor about to be married an epic party to celebrate his last days as an unmarried man.

But if it's your first time on the job, you're probably struggling a little with all the planning involved.

We totally get you, the pressure's high and there's a lot of things to think about.

If you don't really know where to start, we've prepared a couple of good tips to help you throw the best bachelor party ever!

1. The Basics

Well, the first thing you need to settle is the date of your party. You need to find a time when everyone is available, but especially the groom (so be sure to check with him on that) and, if possible, sometime in the two weeks before the wedding. We recommend choosing the weekend, whether your party is a one-nighter or you spread it over two days. It's a lot easier for everyone to be there, and there's a chance you can catch some cooler events that you can join.

Set a budget for your party. Sure, swimming with dolphins on some exclusive island sounds dreamy, but it can bankrupt you. While everyone but the groom should chip in for the party, you need to keep in mind that as the best man, you are responsible for booking and paying for a lot of stuff, so keep your goals realistic for your budget.

Make a guest list where you include all the people you know the groom would love to party with. Apart from the groomsmen, you should consider work friends or old college buddies. Keep an ear open for everyone he mentions when telling funny stories. But before sending out invitations, we advise you to have the groom take a look at it just to make sure that the crew is solid!

If you're not super sure what to plan for, just talk to the groom. See what he would like to do. If you have some surprise getaway in mind, don't say it out loud but rather ask some key questions to see if going farther from home would be a thing he'd enjoy.

2. The Actual Planning

First things first: you need to set a location. Whether you choose to stay close to home or fly away to a different city for a weekend, picking a good location is crucial. Of course, going away can be a lot more fun but it also involves a lot more planning. However, if you choose this option, be sure to check with all the groomsmen to make sure that everybody can leave.

Now if you've chosen to spice it up and party in another city, you need to book flights and hotels. If you choose to have a party in Phoenix, we have a great list of hotels that are party-friendly and prepared to cater to your every need.

Choose your activities. A great bachelor party should have more than just the classic drinking night and hiring a stripper. It should contain some fun activities that represent your groom and that your whole crew can enjoy. And luckily, nowadays it's easier than ever to take your bachelor party to a wide number of fun spots. If you're searching for some cool ideas, we picked out some of the best for you, right here!

After you've made a plan of things to do, it's always good to create a schedule. But don't be too strict with it. Leave some room for unexpected events like let's say running into a supermodel. You wouldn't want to cut your conversation short because you need to run to the next spot! Flexibility may pay off even when it comes to good deals on the spot. So keep your eye open for that and your schedule relaxed!

If drinking is involved (and of course there will be) you also need to think about transportation. Everybody needs to have fun, so a designated driver wouldn't be a good idea. There are a lot of services offering limos and party buses that you can take advantage of!

As all great bachelor parties require good food and drinks, you should also plan ahead for some spots where to dine and drink. Do a bit of research to find the hottest spots with menus that can satisfy everyone's taste, but especially your bachelor's!

3. The Fun Part

After all that hard work planning everything, it's time to fully enjoy the party! Once arrived at your location, with all things booked and settled you can relax and just have fun. But (yeah, there's always a but) as the one responsible for the event, you might still have to handle a couple of things even when the bachelor party has officially started.

Make sure things don't get too out of control. As fun as watching 'Hangover' was, it's never fun when someone gets lost in real life or ends up with a face tattoo. So there should be at least one person half-sober to find the way back to the car or the hotel. Also, make sure you listen to the groom's wishes throughout the party. He might want to switch clubs or try another activity.

We know your party will be awesome either way because nothing is better than having fun with your friends. But if all of this planning is too much for you and you need some help getting faster to the part where you just have fun, you can always count on us. We take care of all the stressful details of the booking, scheduling but also get you some awesome packages to make your party epic!

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