What is the best day to party at Phoenix Open?

Any day is the best day for a party. Of course, when we are talking about a party or a bash, you want to make sure that all your friends are available, so the weekend would be the best fit for everybody.

No matter your choice we are always prepared to offer you everything for a mind-blowing party:

  • Sexy golf caddies to accompany your group for all 18 holes, drive the golf carts around, and make sure your day runs smoothly – from $275 per caddy
  • A party bus just for your crew, fully equipped with laser light show, fiber optic lighting, wide-screen TVs with streaming-player inputs, DVD players, Wifi, and a professional sound system – starting at $980
  • Pool party girls in tight bikinis, always ready to have fun and heat things up - $185/Hour Per Girl


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