Classic Stag Bachelor Party in Phoenix

You may be surprised to know that having a bachelor party is a time-honored tradition originated from immemorial customs. In Sparta, friends held a banquet for the groom-to-be on his last night of freedom. Next, the party-loving English monarchs introduced the tradition in England. In the 1940s and ’50s, this celebration took the form of a “gentlemen’s dinner.” This was thrown by the groom’s father, or, for those that lacked the means, just a drink among buddies. These feasts were a celebration of the future husband's rite of passage from single to a married man.

In modern times, this elegant feast was replaced by a bachelor party, called a stag party in the U.K, as "stag" used to be slang for "man". The modern bachelor party lacks the significance of a rite of passage and is rather an occasion for the future groom to have one last night of freedom with his friends. Dinner and toasting have now been replaced by drinking and gambling.

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If you want to host a classy bachelor celebration, Phoenix Bachelor Party can make it happen for you. Classy stag parties today are not your grandpa's idea of what a bachelor party should be. We can throw an amazing party for your celebration of freedom and virility. Prices start at $499.

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