Butlers for Your Bachelorette Party

Ladies, this is an exquisite treat for your bachelorette party and a special surprise for your group of besties. This package is the ultimate way of being pampered at your bash. Our butlers will come wearing a bow tie, elegant pants, and guess what else?

How cool is that? When you contact Phoenix Bachelor Party, we'll send handsome, carefully selected, trained butlers to your party. Ladies, these attractive butlers will be at your service, ready to pamper each member of the bachelorette party group.

Add Some Extra Excitement to Your Bachelorette Party

These local guys come to provide the following services for your delight:

  • apply suntan lotion
  • offer a light massage
  • serve your drinks
  • set the table for your dinner
  • create a funky ambiance for your bash
  • and other fun things you ask them to do

It's Your Phoenix Bachelorette Party! Make it special by booking our fully customizable packages. Call us for pricing and details.

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