Phoenix Bachelor Parties Add-ons

Hangover IVs

If you're organizing a bachelorette or bachelor party for your closest buddy or your own event, ASAP IVs are a wonderful addition to your big day. You've probably heard that staying hydrated and nourished is the best way to avoid a hangover. IV hydration therapy helps prevent hangovers by rehydrating your body. The IV contains:

  • one liter of fluid anti-nausea
  • medication (Ondansetron/Zofran)
  • anti-inflammatory medication (Ketorolac/Toradol)

Themed Wine Charms for Your Bachelor & Bachelorette Party

When it comes to Arizona bach parties, one thing’s for sure: it will be drinking. After all, you need to keep yourself hydrated under the hot desert sun. Whether your bach party crew members are beer lovers, wine aficionados, alcohol-free drinks, and kombucha enthusiasts, you’ll need glasses for the constant flow of your guests' favorite brews.

Successful party planning requires attention to detail. So why don’t you serve the drinks at your bash in personalized glasses? We love these tiny wine charms. You can order custom wine charms for your bach party, but those look awesome on your glasses on beer or wine tours as well. You will find a wide selection of themed charms to match your party theme and style. These super cute charms will make your wine glasses and beer kegs Insta-worthy.

Design Your Own Merchandise for Your Bachelorette Party With Sprinkled With Pink

Girl, life is too short for a boring Bachelorette Party, so sprinkle it with pink and gather your party crew for a fun experience with party merchandise made just for you! You can surprise the guest of honor with some personalized gifts just for her, or you can choose the design and theme together for a fun bonding experience.

Match the gals with some custom apparel and take cute pictures for your Insta. Or make some custom party pouches and sip your favorite drinks at a Bachelorette Pool Party. Have fun exploring your limitless creativity and choose the best suitable custom merchandise for you and your bachelorette party group.

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